Bite-sized classical music brought to your own home 

The worldwide Coronavirus pandemic has temporarily stopped us playing concerts while we all adhere to the Lockdown within the UK. In the meantime, we are launching Ten@10 – an opportunity to enjoy a few minutes of music every day.

Our musicians may be staying home and practising social distancing, but for them it is also an opportunity for music making. Every day at 10am we will be releasing ten-minute videos and recordings they have made of themselves performing some of the world’s greatest composers.

You will be able to hear works from Beethoven, Mozart and Bach, played by world-class musicians – as well as much loved excerpts of The Hanover Band recordings – from the comfort of your own home.

Visit the Ten@10 page at 10am daily –


– or our pages on social media –
@thehanoverband on Twitter, for Facebook.

The Ten@10 initiative will additionally mark our 40th Anniversary (1980-2020), with each musical snippet also being a wonderful tribute to our late founder Caroline Brown.

So set your alarm for 10am, stop what you’re doing, make a cup of tea and sit back to experience music to soothe the soul in these extraordinary times. 

While you’re here…

Our musicians have been greatly affected by Covid-19 and we are working hard to establish a support fund to help them through this difficult time.

So far, we have only had to cancel one concert, but we have had to postpone eight others. Our musicians are self-employed and although they will eventually get the fees due when the postponed concerts are rescheduled and performed, they won’t receive anything from ones that are cancelled.

As CEO of the band it is my job to ensure the mental health and wellbeing of all our musicians and staff. We have established this fund to help pay any fees due to the players, choir and soloists and to also provide assistance to any who are suffering hardship as a result of Covid-19.

If you would like to make a donation please click below:

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