Schubert In The City

Performance Venues

9 Symphonies, in 9 Livery Halls, played over 9 months – across the City of London


Presenting a Schubert Symphony in a different setting each month, Schubert In The City is also an opportunity for The City of London Livery Halls to open their doors to the wider community. 

There are 110 livery companies in The City of London, comprised out of London’s ancient trade associations and guilds.  Often dating back until the 12th century, most ancient Livery Companies maintain contact with their original trade or craft and were originally established to guarantee training and qualification in this craft.  Most companies would establish a meeting hall or ‘guild’, with around 40 still retaining partial or full ownership of these halls. 

Livery Companies play a significant part in the life of The City of London.  Liverymen retain voting rights for the Lord Mayor of London, among other civic offices.  The term ‘livery’ comes from the ancient dress worn by noblemen that would give identity to them by their trade. 

These performance settings have been chosen by The Hanover Band due to the Halls’ size and similarity to venues Schubert would have expected his music to be played in, with more intimate audiences, rather than the vast concert halls of today. 


01: Grocers’ Hall, Princes Street, EC2R 8AD 
Monday 26 September 2022

02: Clothworkers’ Hall, Mincing Lane, EC3R 7AH
Monday 17 October 2022

03: Stationers’ Hall, Ave Maria Lane, EC4M 7DD 
Monday 21 November 2022

04: Mansion House, Walbrook, EC4N 8BH
Monday 30 January 2023

05: Haberdashers’ Hall, Smithfield, EC1A 9HQ
Monday 27 February 2023

06: Leathersellers’ Hall, 7 St Helen’s Place, EC3A 6AB 
Monday 20 March 2023

07: Goldsmiths’ Hall, Foster Lane, EC2V 6BN
Monday 22 May 2022

08: Drapers’ Hall, Throgmorton Avenue, EC2N 2DQ
Monday 26 June 2023

09: Ironmongers’ Hall, Shaftesbury Place, EC2Y 8AA
Monday 10 July 2023

The Hanover Band

HANOVER (Not Hannover; Germany) In terms of British history the majority of the music we play is from the Hanoverian period. Hanover also refers to Hanover Square in London, where Haydn performed his symphonies and arias in the Salomon Concerts in the 1790’s.

BAND (ref: The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians)
‘An instrumental ensemble, larger than a chamber ensemble. Thus the ’24 violins’ of Louis XIV were called ‘la grande bande’ to distinguish them from Lully’s ‘petits violons’, and Charles II’s similar ensemble was known as ‘the King’s Band’. By extension, ‘band’ came to mean an orchestra in colloquial British usage’.

THE HANOVER BAND a period name for a period orchestra.

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