Only last Monday, Benjamin Bayl, Associate Director of The Hanover Band, was talking to Katie Derham on BBC 3’s In Tune about the Orchestra’s recording of Beethoven 9 at the Mansion House, due to be completed later this month.

Sadly, Benjamin, one of six artists involved in The Hanover Band project, has been affected by the COVID-19 travel restrictions and has now  been obliged to withdraw from conducting the 9th Symphony. 

Sir Mark Elder, Music Director of the Halle Orchestra who has very kindly agreed to conduct the recording said yesterday from his London home: 

Perhaps the only silver lining of the current crisis is that opportunities have arisen at short notice to take on projects which in normal circumstances one’s schedule would not have permitted. I am delighted to have this chance to work with the musicians of The Hanover Band and to take a fresh look at a work that I have lived with for so long. It’s marvellous that Caroline Brown’s grand vision to film all the Beethoven symphonies can be completed.”

Soloists: Sophie Bevan (Soprano) Madeleine Shaw (Mezzo) Ed Lyon (Tenor) and Edward Grint (Baritone) will be joining Sir Mark and The Hanover Band for this special recording which will be broadcast at 8.00pm (GMT) on Wednesday 16th December 2020.  

Stephen Neiman CEO, at The Hanover Band, said “Despite the pandemic, we have been providing work for our musicians throughout the period.  The project to record all nine symphonies would normally be spread over many months and involve detailed and concentrated periods of rehearsal, concerts, and recording”.  

“I am delighted and indebted to Sir Mark Elder who has agreed to step in at very short notice to conduct the 9th Symphony, delivering this unique project to celebrate The Hanover Band’s 40th Season”.  

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