Following The Hanover Band’s debut in China in May 2017, here is a compiled collection of comments and reviews shared online:

By @Jingjie on WeChat Board – The HB’s concert, conducted by Benjamin Bayl from harpsichord. Particularly enjoy Vivaldi’s concerto for soprano recorder in C major with Oonagh Lee as the soloist. Fireworks is fancier than Water Music, and the atmosphere of the concert is fantastic. The same as Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra’s concert last year, The HB played Bach’s Air on the G String as encore, which makes me feel very cosy.

By @Zhimaoxi on Sina Webo – It makes me feel cosy whenever watch a baroque concert. The best playing tonight is probably the Brandenburg Concerto since the horn is no much needed. As always, it is very excited to listen the Fireworks and Vivaldi’s soprano recorder concerto is such a pastoral idyll. The strings section of the HB is full of details and the quality is like silk, which produces more romantism. Many period orchestras have very good string section, with regard the HB, the cello section is especially good. Looking forward more Air on the G String this month!

By @FavouriteKudera on Sina Weibo – It is with truly high quality of the performance by the HB tonight themed of Royal Baroque. Quite enjoy!