Inspiring future generations to enjoy one of the greatest composers of all time

The Hanover Band was founded by Caroline Brown to give an authentic voice to some of the greatest classical pieces ever written, played as they would have been – on period instruments in historic venues.

But Caroline wasn’t just passionate about playing music in a way the great composers would have been familiar with, she was passionate about passing on that excitement and knowledge to future generations too. She wanted to enliven their love of music, inspire them and help enjoy period music.

Before her death, in preparation for Beethoven’s 250th anniversary, she planned a series of programmes and workshops to introduce younger musicians to the majesty of his symphonies. It was her wish that The Hanover Band would teach and inspire future music lovers and players to enjoy Beethoven in an authentic and original way.

As a result, the Band will be working with 13 youth orchestras from January 2020 to pass on their knowledge, art and technical performing skills to future generations of musicians.

The Band’s team of ten education musicians will be visiting the youth orchestras, eight of which are based in Manchester with the others in Brighton, Chichester, the Isle of Wight, Southampton and Exeter, throughout the year.

They will be hosting three-day weekend workshops during which time they will learn how to play some of Beethoven’s symphonies. They will listen to the music of Beethoven, then the Band musicians will separate them into their sections and work with them before bringing them back together for a performance in front of friends and family.

To celebrate Beethoven’s 250th anniversary, the Band will also perform all nine symphonies at different historic venues in London over the coming year. We will be giving tickets away for free to those under 30 to come to Beethoven’s celebratory concerts to encourage them to explore Beethoven.