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Richard Bayliss + Parnaso Wind Quintet | Arundel Festival 2017


CAMBINI  Wind Quintet No.1
DANZI  Wind Quintet Op.56 No. 2
REICHA  Wind Quintet Op.100 No.1

About this Concert

Richard Bayliss from The Hanover Band joins students from the Royal College of Music.
This intimate setting of St Leonard’s Church for these coffee concerts has proved to be a gem in the Arundel Festival Calendar.

A ‘Nurturing the NEXT Generation’ event



Amelia Shakespeare flute
Sami Taylor oboe
Brenda Lopez clarinet
Emily Newman bassoon

with Richard Bayliss natural horn 




23 August 2017
11:00 am

St Leonard's Church, South Stoke, West Sussex, UK
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£20* (*Booking fee applies)
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03336 66 33 66

Doors Open at 10:30am

The Hanover Band

HANOVER (Not Hannover; Germany) In terms of British history the majority of the music we play is from the Hanoverian period. Hanover also refers to Hanover Square in London, where Haydn performed his symphonies and arias in the Salomon Concerts in the 1790’s.

BAND (ref: The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians)
‘An instrumental ensemble, larger than a chamber ensemble. Thus the ’24 violins’ of Louis XIV were called ‘la grande bande’ to distinguish them from Lully’s ‘petits violons’, and Charles II’s similar ensemble was known as ‘the King’s Band’. By extension, ‘band’ came to mean an orchestra in colloquial British usage’.

THE HANOVER BAND a period name for a period orchestra.

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