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Beethoven in Arundel 02: String Quartet Series


BEETHOVEN  String Quartet Op.18 No. 3 in D
BEETHOVEN  String Quartet Op.18 No. 4 in C minor


About This Concert

Music as Beethoven would have experienced it, on instruments of the time.

As part of the celebrations to commemorate the 250th anniversary of his birth, the acclaimed Consone Quartet and The Hanover Band are performing an innovative programme of Beethoven’s String Quartets and Symphonies, in a week long festival of Beethoven.

Beethoven in Arundel will feature 3 concerts of String Quartets and all 9 symphonies, performed at St Nicholas Church, a “hidden gem” of Arundel, on period instruments which Beethoven himself would have been familiar with, culminating in Beethoven’s magnificent 9th (choral) symphony, performed on Saturday 29 August, 2020.

The concerts are particularly focussed on encouraging younger generations to experience Beethoven and enjoy classic music in general. For this reason, The Hanover Band is offering tickets free to all those aged 30 and under.






23 August 2020
6:30 pm

Arundel Town Hall, Maltravers St, Arundel BN18 9AP
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£25 (Under 30's free)
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Additional Info

Beethoven in Arundel Multisaver Tickets:

All 9 Beethoven Symphonies for the price of 7: £100

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Enjoy all three Beethoven String Quartet concerts and save £15: £60

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A joyous Messiah tonight in Arundel beautifully performed by @TheHanoverBand @ericaeloff @BradSmithTenor @WhackemnSloggem @MisterGravel 🙏👏👏👏👏

Still buzzing from a mind-blowingly exciting performance of Handel’s #Messiah by @TheHanoverBand at St George’s Church, Brighton earlier this evening. It was as if I was hearing it for the first time. And such wonderful connection between performers and audience. Hallelujah!

Whether you're singing #hallelujah or feel that "we like sheep have gone astray" why not forget about it and come and listen to our #Messiah? Under 30s free! #Handel

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The Hanover Band

HANOVER (Not Hannover; Germany) In terms of British history the majority of the music we play is from the Hanoverian period. Hanover also refers to Hanover Square in London, where Haydn performed his symphonies and arias in the Salomon Concerts in the 1790’s.

BAND (ref: The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians)
‘An instrumental ensemble, larger than a chamber ensemble. Thus the ’24 violins’ of Louis XIV were called ‘la grande bande’ to distinguish them from Lully’s ‘petits violons’, and Charles II’s similar ensemble was known as ‘the King’s Band’. By extension, ‘band’ came to mean an orchestra in colloquial British usage’.

THE HANOVER BAND a period name for a period orchestra.

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