Beethoven 250

Beethoven In Arundel


Music as Beethoven would have experienced it, on instruments of the time

Sat 22 – Sat 29 August 2020

As part of the celebrations to commemorate the 250th anniversary of his birth, the acclaimed Consone Quartet and The Hanover Band are performing an innovative programme of Beethoven’s String Quartets and Symphonies, in a week long festival of Beethoven.

Beethoven in Arundel will feature 3 concerts of String Quartets and all 9 symphonies, performed across the week on period instruments which Beethoven himself would have been familiar with, culminating in Beethoven’s magnificent 9th (choral) symphony, performed on Saturday 29 August, 2020.

The concerts are particularly focussed on encouraging younger generations to experience Beethoven and enjoy classic music in general. For this reason, The Hanover Band is offering tickets free to all those aged 30 and under.

The String Quartet Series will be held at Arundel Town Hall, while the Band will be playing at its de facto home at St Nicholas’ Church, considered a ‘hidden gem’ of Arundel.

The Band has been performing as part of the Arundel Festival for the last ten years. The festival itself is one the largest volunteer-led, community-based multi-art festivals in the South and offers visitors a chance to see a hugely diverse range of performers.


A celebration of Beethoven’s String Quartets performed over 3 days!

Sat 22, Sun 23, Mon 24 August 2020


9 Symphonies over 4 days!

Wed 26, Thu 27, Fri 28, Sat 29 August 2020


It is with regret that the Symphony Series has been cancelled due to the latest Government advice relating to the Covid-19 epidemic. Refunds will be made in full.


01 Beethoven String Quartets
Saturday 22 August 2020 • 18.30
String Quartet Op.18 No. 1 in F
String Quartet Op.18 No. 2 in G    

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02 Beethoven String Quartets
Sunday 23 August 2020 • 18.30
String Quartet Op.18 No. 3 in D
String Quartet Op.18 No. 4 in C minor  

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03 Beethoven String Quartets
Monday 24 August 2020 • 18.30
String Quartet Op.18 No. 5 in A
String Quartet Op.18 No. 6 in Bb

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04 Beethoven Symphonies
Wednesday 26 August 2020 • 14.30
Symphony No. 1 Op.21
Symphony No. 2 Op.36

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05 Beethoven Symphonies 
Wednesday 26 August 2020 • 18.30
Symphony No. 3 Op.55 ‘EROICA’
Symphony No. 4 Op.60

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06 Beethoven Symphonies
Thursday 27 August 2020 • 18.30
Symphony No. 5 Op.67
Symphony No. 6 Op.68 ‘PASTORAL’

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07 Beethoven Symphonies 
Friday 28 August 2020 • 18.30
Symphony No. 7 Op.92
Symphony No. 8 Op.93

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08 Beethoven Symphonies
Saturday 29 August 2020 • 18.30
Symphony No. 9 Op.125 ‘CHORAL’

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Beethoven in Arundel
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All 9 Beethoven Symphonies
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Beethoven in Arundel
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Beethoven String Quartet
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The Hanover Band

HANOVER (Not Hannover; Germany) In terms of British history the majority of the music we play is from the Hanoverian period. Hanover also refers to Hanover Square in London, where Haydn performed his symphonies and arias in the Salomon Concerts in the 1790’s.

BAND (ref: The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians)
‘An instrumental ensemble, larger than a chamber ensemble. Thus the ’24 violins’ of Louis XIV were called ‘la grande bande’ to distinguish them from Lully’s ‘petits violons’, and Charles II’s similar ensemble was known as ‘the King’s Band’. By extension, ‘band’ came to mean an orchestra in colloquial British usage’.

THE HANOVER BAND a period name for a period orchestra.

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