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Jorge Jimenez
Theresa Caudle
Kelly McCusker  
Principal Violin II
Daniel Shilladay
Co-Principal Viola
Sebastian Comberti
Principal Cello
Dawn Baker  
Principal Bass
Kate Aldridge
Co-Principal Bass
Rachel Brown
Principal Flute
Joel Raymond
Principal Oboe
Nathaniel Harrison
Principal Bassoon
Gavin Edwards
Principal Natural Horn
Robert Farley
Principal Trumpet
Ben Hoffnung
The Hanover Band Chamber Ensemble

Rachel Brown Flute
Leo Duarte Oboe
Colin Lawson Clarinet
Nathaniel Harrison Bassoon
Gavin Edwards Natural Horn


Soloists who have recently worked with the Band:




Many can hear influences of #Mozart in #Schubert's work. Can you?
#symphony #Tenat10 #40years


#Mozart wrote this in quick succession of his previous two symphonies, within seven weeks of each other, an outstanding achievement, rivalling even those of #Haydn who had made the symphonic genre so popular
#Jupiter #Tenat10 #40years


We should have been @GrocersHall today as part of our #Beethoven in the @cityoflondon tour. Here's a snippet of what we would have been playing.
#Symphony #Tenat10 #40years


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The Hanover Band

HANOVER (Not Hannover; Germany) In terms of British history the majority of the music we play is from the Hanoverian period. Hanover also refers to Hanover Square in London, where Haydn performed his symphonies and arias in the Salomon Concerts in the 1790’s.

BAND (ref: The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians)
‘An instrumental ensemble, larger than a chamber ensemble. Thus the ’24 violins’ of Louis XIV were called ‘la grande bande’ to distinguish them from Lully’s ‘petits violons’, and Charles II’s similar ensemble was known as ‘the King’s Band’. By extension, ‘band’ came to mean an orchestra in colloquial British usage’.

THE HANOVER BAND a period name for a period orchestra.

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